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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a man charged with arson is arraigned today. a five car crash shuts down the everett turnpike. one of the drivers is charged with driving while intoxicated and kevin: the clouds are here in the rain is moving in. amy: investigators pinpoint cause of this fire that destroyed a home.
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now, wmur news 9. amy: a day in court for a man who tried to set his own mothers house on fire by pouring gas on her porch and igniting it. good afternoon, i' m amy coveno. justin kane was arrested last night after eluding police for hours. wmur' s ray brewer is live in salem with what we learned in court. >> mr. kane is a marine veteran. he is battling issues with ptsd. sunday afternoon. he got into an argument with his mother and his mother locked him out. he came back. >> he got a tank of gasoline, courted on the back deck and making statements of going back to jail now.
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search that included the state helicopter. he was arrested. this is a duplex. the prosecution says he put several lives at risk and --. >> there was a family with children in the home next-door. >> i don' t have a job in i am living off my disability. ray: he said his medication was not working and he has done struggling with personal issues. day. ray: the prosecutor be asked for bail to be set at $50,000. over his head. >> he was convicted of
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firearm while impaired in a bar. that. there were some members of his want to say anything. he is charged with six felonies. a second arrest has been made in a manchester murder investigation. police say 21-year-old adrien stillwill was involved in the murder of michael pittman outside of his granite street wmur' s andy hershberger was in court when he faced a judge and joins us live. andy: he faces a charge of conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting death of michael pittman on november 3 on a granite street. he appeared in court i video after being arrested last friday. prosecutors say michael young was the gunman shot men in the torso. young is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail. prosecutors asked for $1 million
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they say he is a dangerous person. >> they formulated a plan to kill michael pittman because they believe michael pittman had been providing information to the police about their drug act tivoli. this murder was in retaliation for what they believed of for the state. $600,000. the prosecutor said there is an in the case. amy: it' s been 20 years since a manchester man was found stabbed to death in his home, and his public' s help to solve the case. 76-year-old walter page was found in the basement of his
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of 1995. his death was ruled a homicide, and cold case investigators say it is still a very solvable case. now to a somber anniversary, it has been three years since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. this is the first year the anniversary actually falls on a school day. moments of silence will be held at the middle and high schools. a gunman with family ties to new hampshire killed 20 students and six adults in the massacre. the everett turnpike was shutdown overnight after a five car accident. state police say one of the of lawrence massachusetts. she was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated. the crash involved several cars and a tractor trailer. lutz will be in court in january. and manchester officers arrested this woman and charged her with aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol and endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly hit a parked vehicle friday night on union street. an 11-year-old relative was in
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she is also charged with possession after officers found heroin, marijuana, and pills. new details this noon about what sparked a house fire in hampstead. the fire chief says it started in a fire pit on the rear deck and quickly spread to the house. at this point it has been ruled accidental. there were no injuries, and the red cross is assisting the two people who lived there. now to the battle against isis. within the next half hour, president obama is expected to speak at the pentagon about the campaign against terror group. we' re also learning about government lapses that are raising questions about whether one of the san bernardino killers should have ever been allowed in the country. abc' s elizabeth hur has the latest.
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messages about jihad but still came on a spouse visa. >> they did not use social media as part of the screening process. elizabeth: he says last year immigration officials asked jeh johnson for new policies allowing them to look at applicants social media posts. they were opposed by the office of civil rights and civil liberties. >> a primary concern was in review negatively if it was disclosed late. there were concerns it would be embarrassing. elizabeth: she got her visa in three weeks and she got a visa. >> maybe those people in san bernardino with the alive.
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vetting process, president obama met the national security council this morning. officials confirm they are dealing with possible isis attacks to disrupt the christmas holidays. the homeland security tells abc news it has started pilot programs to search social media visa applicants. it is still not a widespread policy. amy: next, the item one online giant is refusing to sell. a live look inside a boston courtroom. closing arguments are under way and the jury is being instructed. kevin: organized rain is moving
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amy: we are cooking italian. tt2w`tsi`r$# bt@q];\ tt2w`tsi`r$# "a@qm78 tt2w`tsi`r$# bm@qf
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amy: shoppers listen up. online retail giant amazon is pulling some types of hoverboards after reports they could burst into flames.
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carry boards made by swag-way complete. the problem may be connected to boards that use lithium batteries, which is also the reason they are being banned by several airlines. right now, the jury has just begun deliberating in the murder re looking live inside the court room. the case of the massachusetts teen charged with raping and teacher. he was 14 when he was accused of killing danvers high teacher colleen ritzer. his lawyers say he was severely mentally ill and was having a psychotic episode the day she was killed. now to the wild weather across the country, while we continue to enjoy above average temperatures. this was the scene in texas, where a possible tornado blew a train right off the tracks. while further west, drivers are facing tough conditions. abc' s karla barguiarena has more on what it' s bringing now to the middle of the country.
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s a morning of heavy lift union clean up after a heavy patch from mother nature. in texas alone. destroyed. >> it was just a white ball of stuff. of destruction. she was at christmas shopping when the twister struck. >> i' m just thankful we want home. in the spirit is. >> a long line of break cars was tossed or it --. winds. west. trees tumbling in san francisco area it --.
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>> the wind came across the runway. >> in kansas, is the snow causing chaos on the roads. in the east, millions enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures. a long shot. east. record highs are expected again country. amy: those people are having a against central park. 50 degrees. we' re kind of at that point. when we start to shake up the pattern a little bit.
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>> now, your forecast. s not the greatest of mornings out there. he have patchy fog. we have a low cloud deck in the temperatures are slowly adding
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a lot of places will be warmer later tonight in the temperatures we have now. we have a low forecast and some later showers and drizzle and some mr. times. when you get a little bit farther away, things are a little bit better. there. the light side. in. it slides in on either side of 10:00. with that, a band of rain. behind that, eventually there will be cooler air and a timeline beat when the rain ends cooler air starts to rush in tomorrow. the opportunity to warm up yet again is there. we have some mixing going on in the north country. things have warmed up
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some areas of the state are not getting that drizzle and missed. radar tends to go in between those. radar beams have a surrounded in four different locations, by the time they get here, that drizzle is below that. it' s not really did did, -- deep did -- depicted. in a lot of areas, visibility is down to a mile or two in spots. that' s enough to slow you down with a little bit of pounding out there. we get the milder air behind the front end in the cooler air rushes in. it' s going to come piecemeal for the remainder of the week. we will have temperatures dropping back 10 degrees. there will be some pockets of rain out there.
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some areas the sunshine. as clearing skies take hold tuesday night, we go to s on wednesday and thursday. in clouds. another round of rain with temperatures milder the for that the 30' we get to the weekend. that is very close to where we should he this time of year. we are nine degrees above normal november. we are starting to see the pattern shift of. the kitchen. lucky me, lucky michael is here. you brought boston and clams. white clam sauce.
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i grew up eating this all my life. it' s one of my favorite dishes to meet. it' s very fresh. we' ve got some garlic and onion. i saute it. i take the clams them down at grid before they cook all the way, i' m going to throw in a little bit of tomato. it' s got a little bit of color with the tomato. amy: how did you open these clams? >> with a knife prior to coming in here. amy: they should be closed when you purchase them? if you see a gap, should you toss it western mark -- western mark --? .
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>> we' boil. it takes about a minute to cook fresh pasta. we will put that in the water. over the holidays, we' ve got homemade limit cello. lemon cello. sangria. you can smell it. i' ve got some fresh nasal. we' ve got some parsley. amy: you' ve got ready and green in there.
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>> i' ve got a little bit of the juicy inside it. i' m going to the flame a little higher. we' ve got a little bit more olive oil at the end. amy: very nice. >> i' ve got the apostate and we can use a little bit of water from the pasta. i did not restrain her, but that' s ok. amy: you are improvising. beautiful. we are just about out of time. now. just enough time to played. there we go. amy: thank you so much.
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your donations are totaling $69,000. kevin: we start off the cooler conditions and continue to warm up through the day tomorrow. the fallback wednesday. eventually we will drop by the weekend. amy: visibility looks challenging at the moment. the careful. a new requirement for thrown owners. find out if you need to register with the faa. friday is the big day for star wars fans. a preview of tonight' s premiere
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